Last updated on 28 December 2021

Ikonic Solution is determined to keep your data secure and takes proper measures to ensure this commitment. This statement is a brief description of what data Ikonic Solution collects and how it is used.

Our Brief Introduction – Who are we?

We, Ikonic Solution, are a Miami-based software development house that has employees in different parts of the world. As you are currently reading this document, it means that you are visiting our digital portal, which is intended to help you in the discovery of our services and other related information.

To ensure that your experience with us is smooth and we provide relevant information that you search for, we collect some information from our users. This data is collected by every website and helps with enhanced user experience. To ensure that you don’t mind the collection of this data and understand the intent of this collection, we have worked on the privacy policy regarding the collection of data. The mentioned privacy policy is discussed here briefly, touching upon all the significant points.

The Data We Collect

The collection of data from our customers and website visitors is mainly with the intent to improve our services and help them with their queries and requirements. The data collection is service-oriented and aims to enhance our business relationship, not including anything other than that. The data collection is done through different channels, and these include direct and indirect collection.

The direct collection is in the form of data that you provide in form submission, online surveys, or the data that you provide to our customer service. The mentioned data also includes comments on our articles and the data you provide in the form of feedback. Apart from this mode of collection of direct data, the same form of data collection is done through cookies, usage data, or error reports.

Third parties can also be used for the collection of data. Their use and policy might change with time, but currently, we are using the current terms. We ensure that we follow the terms of privacy mentioned above, and if the third-party service provider has put additional restrictions, then those are also followed.

Service providers' data that helps in determining the location and data for services required in the specific area.

Partnering with services that help our reach to customers.

Public sites or government-maintained data that is available for use to all.

As mentioned above, the data is collected for the improvement of marketing and services; it includes:

Name and Contact Information

Demographic data like language and area of residence

Website data, as based on what services you search for and how you seek to benefit.

Ikonic Solution collects this data mainly to help you with the improvement in services and get the enhanced information in the minimum possible time. The ultimate beneficiary of the data collection is the customer who receives better services as a result.

It should be kept in mind that you please don't share the data in forms that are not requisite. This includes personal information like payment details, monetary activity, etc. In case you share it without our request, we won’t be responsible for any damages.

We ensure that our website doesn’t intend to collect data about children and private persons. If the data has been collected or preferences have been made, you can revoke the permissions and change data collection access.

Why do we collect your personal data?

Many users have a query about the purpose of the collection of personal data in mind. The basic purposes for which Ikonic Solution collects data include:

Advertisements, promotional communication with customers or prospective customers, website stats for visitors, technical problems with the website, and improvement in the customer experience, etc.

We ensure that even this data is protected in the best manner we can. We store this data to ensure that your feedback is positive and our services fulfill your needs. We keep our database secure to prevent any leaks and use by third-party businesses. The main aim of the use of the data is better customer service, and we stick to it.

What is the reason we share your personal data?

The main sharing of data, as said above, is improved marketing, better services, and development in conformity to the needs of the user. The mentioned data is shared with our development center that analyzes and further processes it for refined results. The persons analyzing this data and processing it ensure that there is no misuse of it.

We have clearly mentioned principles in this regard and have stayed clung to them since our first day in business. We value our customers and their data because of its role in their privacy and ensure that no unauthorized person/group accesses it.

The development center and Ikonic Solution are in a legal agreement to ensure that there is no unauthorized use of data. The data is enclosed in case of any legal obligations, following the state/local law, protection of customers from possible fraud/scam, and protecting our rights as a software development company.

We remain liable for the misuse of data unless it is proved that we were responsible for the damage by intentionally doing it.

What are the rights that you can exercise?

Being the ultimate owner of your personal data, you have the right over it. You can request for the deletion of your data and revoke access to its use. If there is some factual error in the data, you can ask us to make changes to it.

Also, if you feel uncomfortable with our marketing messages, emails, or other forms of communication, you can opt out of them.

If you want to erase your personal information, you can request, and we are legally bound to conform to it.

If you feel uncomfortable with sharing your personal information, you can request to erase/revoke it anytime.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

Ikonic Solution uses cookies and similar technologies for data collection. Cookies are small text files that will help with the collection of data and the improvement of our services. The information based on cookies is able to identify your computer. The purposes for cookies include your safety, storage of information on our site, etc.

You can control cookies on our website by checking the permissions and revoking any if you want. You can also make changes to similar technologies that we use for data collection.

End-user Note

Ikonic Solution offers services to individuals and organizations. Based on your official contact with us, you can check the data that we collect and make requests for any possible change. If you are an individual and your organization is working in collaboration with us or acquiring our services, then you should contact them for processing/altering any information.

Security of Your Data

The data that is user-based is protected in encrypted systems and those computers which have limited access. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the data that you share.

We ensure that the latest security measures are employed for the security of your data.

How long has your data been stored with us?

The data is mainly stored for enhanced services and improvements if any are needed.

The data is retained for periods varying in length because of the services that you need.

The retention period varies based on the sensitivity of data, extending up to five years, and the legal retention, which can be even more.

The second type is maintained to fulfill the legal needs and can be for a prolonged period of time.

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